Australia’s roadmap to effective and sustainable social infrastructure 

Melbourne | 27 – 28 February 2017 

Social Infrastructure Summit brings Government, Councils and the Community together to discuss key issues and opportunities for designing sustainable social infrastructure to meet the challenges of the future.
This conference has been specially designed for professionals involved in key social and community infrastructure projects to gain the latest insights on advancing Australia’s social infrastructure landscape 
  • Examine key policies, plans and initiatives that support the development of Australia’s social and community infrastructure 
  • Understand the impact of Australia’s rapidly growing communities and the relevant community infrastructure needed to support this growth 
  • Identify opportunities and overcome challenges involved in improving social outcomes for our communities
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Social Infrastructure Summit will service as a platform for key stakeholders involved in the planning, funding and delivery of social and community infrastructure in Australia: 

  • Gain insights from the Australian Government on current and future social infrastructure plans 
  • Embrace the concept social infrastructure as a vital driver of growth and success 
  • Outline key infrastructure needed to sustain the growth and expansion rates of Australia 
  • Evaluate the unique opportunities and challenges in social infrastructure planning 
  • Explore different ways to support the evolving needs of Australia’s growing and emerging communities 


Social Infrastructure Summit has been specially designed for Directors, Heads, Senior Managers and Specialists who are involved in or have an interest in social and community infrastructure projects in Australia:

  • Government, Councils, Agencies and Public Officials
  • Managing Directors, C-Level Executives, Chairman, Directors, Heads, Senior Managers 
  • Community Infrastructure, Social Infrastructure 
  • Community Services, Planning, Policy and Project
  • Not-for-Profits 

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